Assess human rights impact of foreign investment, says new Canadian study

News conference

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Charles Lynch Room
Parliament Hill
9 AM


Foreign investment projects must be founded on concern for human rights in the communities where they are located, says a new report by Rights & Democracy that documents the effect of five such projects – three of which are Canadian – on communities in Africa, South America and Asia.

A Parliament Hill news conference on Wednesday, May 30, will introduce the report, entitled Human Rights Impact Assessments for Foreign Investment: Learning from community experiences in the Philippines, Tibet, Democratic Republic of Congo, Argentina, and Peru. Representatives of Rights & Democracy and the project’s international advisory group will present the results of the three-year project, which was conducted by community organizations in all five countries.


Speakers include:


  • Peter Frankental, Economic Relations Strategy Advisor, Amnesty International, UK
  • Lucie Lamarche, Human Rights Research and Education Centre, University of Ottawa
  • Carolina Fairstein, Attorney, Center for Legal and Social Justice Studies, Argentina
  • Jean-Louis Roy, President, Rights & Democracy, Montreal

More information on Rights & Democracy’s Human Rights Impact Assessment can be obtained at /hria