Determined action to end hunger required

New journal says human rights are key to eliminating hunger

– Oct. 15, 2009 – The international community marks World Food Day tomorrow as more than a billion people go hungry every day. This fundamental injustice is made all the more egregious in light of the international community’s pledge during the 1996 World Food Summit to halve chronic hunger by 2015.

The United Nations “World Food Summit on Food Security” in November 2009 will gather international leaders in a renewed effort to curb growing hunger. However, a new Rights & Democracy-supported journal, the Right to Food and Nutrition WATCH (PDF), warns that hunger will continue as long as the international community fails to meet its human rights obligations.

The WATCH is an annual publication produced by an international consortium of organizations working to promote the human right to food. It serves as a platform for civil society activists, social movements, media and scholars to exchange experiences and promote the realization of the human right to food for all people.

“One hundred and sixty nations have committed themselves to respecting, protecting and fulfilling the human right to food and the right to be free from hunger, and yet we’ve now reached a billion people in want of adequate food,” said Rémy M. Beauregard, President of Rights & Democracy. “Commitments are clearly not enough. Real, determined international action against hunger is required.”

Rights & Democracy’s participation in the WATCH is part of its programme on the human right to food that includes projects in Malawi, Haiti and Nepal. It supports local community and civil society groups in their efforts to ensure that access to food is not merely a privilege or an aspirational outcome of market forces, but a fundamental human right.  Rights & Democracy promotes international cooperation as an important means to achieve long-term food security for every woman, man and child.