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Emerging Human Rights Issues

February 16-17, 2006

Participants list

Rights & Democracy Jean-Louis Roy, President

Razmik Panossian, Director of Policy, Programmes and Planning

Ariane Brunet, Coordinator, Women’s Rights

Carole Samdup, Programme Officer

Foreign Affairs Canada

Henri-Paul Normandin, Director, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Health and Population

Deborah Chatsis, Deputy Director, Human Rights

Alex Young, Policy Officer, Human Rights Montreal Region

Stephen Toope, Trudeau Foundation (has since become President of University of British Columbia)

François Crépeau, CERIUM

Sylvain Beauchamp, Canadian Red Cross

Gregory Baum, McGill University

Fatima Houda-Pepin, MPP for La Pinière Ottawa Region

Senator Raynell Andreychuk, Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Human Rights

Bruce Rayfuse, Global Affairs Secretariat, Privy Council Office

Naresh Singh, Canadian International Development Agency

Lauchlan Munro, International Development Research Centre

Khalil Z. Shariff, Aga Khan Foundation Canada (Global Centre for Pluralism)

Alexis Kontos, Human Rights Law Section, Department of Justice

Aly Alibhai, International Legal Programs Section and Centre for

International Justice Reform, Department of Justice Canada 44 Emerging Human Rights Issues

Alex Neve, Amnesty International Canada

Major Brent Beardsley, Canadian Forces Leadership Institute at

the Royal Military College of CanadaToronto Region

Lois Wilson, United Church of Canada, and former Senator of Canada United States

 Bacre W. Ndiaye, New York Bureau of the Office of the High

Commissioner for Human Rights, New York, United Nations

Ann Jordan, Anti-Trafficking Initiative, Global Rights, Washington

Les Campbell, National Democratic Institute Denmark

Thomas Trier Hansen, Danish Institute for Human Rights France

Soheib Bencheikh, Institut supérieur des sciences islamiques Senegal

Sidiki Kaba, Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l`homme Mali

Aminata Traore, former Minister of Culture of Mali and organizer of the African Social Forum Argentina Jorge Daniel Taillant, Centre for Human Rights and Environment Thailand

Vitit Muntarbhorn, International Member of Rights & Democracy Board of Directors,

UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of

Human Rights in the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of North Korea



CIDA Melanie Boyd, Senior Policy Analyst, Human Rights and

Participation Division Canadian Red Cross

Sophie RondeauConseil de Réflexion et d`action islamique

Christine Lacroix Foreign Affairs Canada

Jennifer Hart, Senior Policy Officer, Human Rights

Jeanette Sautner, United Nations, Human Rights and Economic Law Division

Deena El Sawy, Legal Officer, United Nations, Human Rights and Economic Law Division

Rights & Democracy

Lloyd Lipsett, Senior Assistant to the President


Participants List 45

Diana Bronson, Coordinator, Globalization and Human Rights

Marie Léger, Coordinator, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

Michael Wodzicki, Coordinator, Democratic Development

Cynthia Gervais, Coordinator, Rights & Democracy Network

Barbara MacLaren, Student Network

Jean-Philippe Deschamps-Laporte, Student Network

Nathalie Weizmann, Consultant