Investing in Human Rights: Volume 3 page – 3

Luke Eric Peterson


The author Luke Eric Peterson would like to thank Carole Samdup at Rights & Democracy, members of the project’s reference group, as well as several outside reviewers who provided valuable feedback on various drafts of the paper.

• Reference Group

Peter Frankental
Director of the Economic Relations Program Amnesty International, United Kingdom

Chris Jochnick
Director of Private Sector Team Oxfam America, United States

Lucie Lamarche
Professor of Law and G.F. Henderson Chair in Human Rights University of Ottawa, Canada

Malcolm Langford
Director of the Human Rights and Development Research Group Norwegian Centre on Human Rights, University of Oslo, Norway

Michelle Leighton
Director, Human Rights Programs Center for Law and Global Justice, University of San Francisco, United States

Bruce Porter
Director Social Rights Advocacy Centre, Canada