News Releases

Rights & Democracy strongly condemns human rights abuses and use of violence in Iran

Goma Forum issues urgent call to re-think efforts to end sexual violence in the Congo

Rights & Democracy calls for immediate release of Liu Xiaobo, author of Charter 08

Rights & Democracy joins the UN in calling for action on widespread violence against women in Afghanistan

World Summit on Food Security ends and one billion people are still hungry

Rights & Democracy welcomes David Matas and Michael Van Pelt to its Board of Directors

Executions grim reminders of Chinese legal system’s shortcomings on human rights

Iraqi organization wins the 2009 Rights & Democracy’s John Humphrey Award

President Karzai must open door to greater civil society participation on rights

Undercover Video Journalists in Burma: an Engagement for Social Change

Determined action to end hunger required

Bloggers for Human Rights: New Media vs Repressive Regimes

Zimbabwe: Supreme Court ruling a win for rights over government intimidation

Threat to “kill” human rights defenders by Gambian President totally unacceptable <em>Immediate steps needed to ensure safety of human rights workers</em>

More support for defenders and promoters of democracy is needed

Rights & Democracy pays tribute to Dr. Louis Roy, first Ombudsman of Haiti

Presidential election in Gabon: Rights & Democracy comments in the media

Extended house-arrest for Aung San Suu Kyi must be met with binding UN Security Council resolution

Time is running out for Indigenous peoples on the brink of extinction

Rights & Democracy urges restraint and respect for human rights in Xinjiang

Rights & Democracy strongly condemns human rights abuses in Iran

Rights & Democracy condemns coup d’état in Honduras

Rights & Democracy launches new four-year programme in Haiti

Rights & Democracy welcomes the conviction of Désiré Munyaneza

UN Independent Expert on human rights in Haiti to visit Canada May 24-27

Winnipeg event to address foreign investment and human rights in developing countries

Bradley Farquhar and Marco Navarro-Génie Join the Board of Directors of Rights & Democracy

Burma: Underground Journalist in Toronto for Hot Docs

Political Parties and Democracy: South-South Dialogue between Haiti and Bolivia

Rights & Democracy’s 2003-2008 Five-Year Review tabled in Parliament

Mauritania: Rights & Democracy denounces assault and attempted kidnapping of leading rights defender

Afghan civil society issues Declaration on women’s rights and family law

Canada’s new CSR strategy represents first steps in ensuring corporate respect for human rights

Kabul conference to examine women’s rights in family law in four Muslim countries

Rights & Democracy welcomes Soyata Maïga to its Board of Directors

Aurel Braun named Chair of Rights & Democracy’s Board of Directors

International Women’s Day: Rights & Democracy salutes the courage of women’s rights defenders

Corporations must respect human rights when investing abroad

New study finds foreign investment dispute resolution mechanisms ill-prepared to deal with human rights impacts

Rights & Democracy mourns the death of Dr. Alison Des Forges

Rights & Democracy welcomes the opening of Thomas Lubanga’s trial and demands that justice be served for the victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Rights & Democracy welcomes new member to its Board of Directors