The Human Right to Food in Haiti: Report of an International Fact-finding Mission page – 2

Rights & Democracy and Groupe de Recherche et d’Appui au Milieu Rural (GRAMIR)

Table of Contents (detailed)



The Fact-finding Mission

  • Site Visits, Interviews and Public Engagement

Using the Human Rights Framework


The Human Right to Food in Haiti – Overview

  • Overview of the Political Situation
  • Hunger and Food Insecurity in Haiti
  • Progressive Realization of the Right to Food
  • Vulnerability
  • Impact of Economic Reform

Legal Framework

  • International Level
  • Regional Level
  • National Level

Policies and Programs

  • Food Security
  • Economic Policy
  • Justice
  • Food Aid

State Compliance with Human Right to Food Obligations

  • Positive Steps Taken by the State
  • Areas Requiring Improvement

International Cooperation

  • Failure to place international cooperation within a human rights framework
  • Lack of coordination among donors and between donors and Haitian government


  • To Government and Parliament
  • To Donors and UN Agencies
  • To Civil Society

Annex 1 – Mission Delegation

Annex 2 – Sites Visits

Annex 3 – Interviews in Port-au-Prince