The Human Right to Food in Malawi: Report of an International Fact-Finding Mission page – 9

The Human Right to Food in Malawi: Report of an International Fact-Finding Mission


Mike Anane, Ghana

Journalist, African Network of Environmental Journalists

Mike Anane is an independent environmental journalist, president of the

league of Environmental Journalists in Ghana and vice president of the

African Network of Environmental Journalists, which has its secretariat in

Nairobi, Kenya. Mike is the Coordinator of FIAN-GHANA and a laureate of

the UN Environment Progamme Global 500 Roll of Honour for outstanding

practical achievements in the protection and improvement of the environment.


Dr. Stanley Khaila, Malawi

Agricultural Policy Research Unit

Dr. Stanley Khaila has served as Executive Director for the Natural Resources

College, Director of the Centre for Social Research at Chancellor College

and lecturer at the Bunda College of Agriculture. He is Chairman of the

Special Law Commission for the Review of Land Related Laws in Malawi.

His extensive consultancy work has included impact assessments of the

Special Program for Food Security for the FAO.


Anne Wanjiku Maina, Zambia

Campaign, Advocacy and Lobbying Officer, PELUM Regional Desk

Anne Wanjiku Maina is Campaign, Advocacy and Lobbying Officer, PELUM

Regional Desk based in Lusaka, Zambia. She coordinates a regional program

for sustainable agriculture and rural development and oversees initiatives

related to fair trade, food security environmental management and the

58 The Human Right to Food in Malawi

human rights of farmers. In the past, she has worked with Transparency

International, World Vision and the Centre for Governance and Development.


Carole Samdup, Canada

Program Officer, Rights & Democracy

Carole Samdup is a Program Officer at Rights & Democracy, where she has

worked since 1994 on issues related to “Globalization and Human Rights”.

In that capacity, her areas of focus have been regional integration in Asia;

human rights in China; agriculture and the human right to food; and economic,

social and cultural rights in multilateral processes. Before coming to

Rights & Democracy, Carole worked in the private sector.


Kevin Wilmut, Canada

Lecturer and Consultant

Kevin Wilmut lived and worked in Africa for six years, including four years

in Malawi, where he was Coordinator of the Canada Fund—Malawi. His

responsibilities included providing small-grant assistance to community

organizations and conducting project assessments, monitoring and evaluations.

In meeting these responsibilities, Mr. Wilmut worked with grassroots

organizations and communities throughout Malawi.


Kofi Yakpo, Germany

Africa Desk Coordinator, FIAN International

Kofi Yakpo is the Coordinator of the Africa Desk in the international secretariat

of FIAN International in Heidelberg, Germany. In this function, he

has been in charge of research, documentation, advocacy and intervention

in cases of right to food violations in various African countries. Kofi also

works on language and minority rights and is involved in linguistic research

on African languages.