Working together for rights in Afghanistan: Canadian and Afghan civil society

MONTREAL – Sept. 22, 2006 – Rights & Democracy welcomes the opportunity to discuss the role of Canadian civil society organizations in Afghanistan’s reconstruction with senior members of Afghanistan’s Cabinet and the Hon. Josée Verner, Canada’s Minister for International Cooperation. It will also be a valuable moment to highlight the vital contribution Afghanistan’s civil society organizations are making to the establishment to human rights and the provision of essential services throughout the country.

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Fund (WRAF).


WRAF is an important example of direct Canadian assistance to Afghan civil society. From its office in Kabul, Rights & Democracy works in partnership with Afghan women’s organizations to develop and implement projects concerned with, among other things, the promotion of gender equality in education, peacebuilding and the establishment of information networks about women’s rights, including a new women’s resource centre in Kandahar.


“Canadian assistance to Afghans eager to promote human rights and foster hope within their communities is vital,” said Jean-Louis Roy, President of Rights & Democracy. “These life-giving efforts are crucial to the ongoing struggle against oppression, violence and despair in Afghanistan.”